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What do I Offer?
What is Crystal Healing?


Three F.A.Q.'s


Who can Access Crystal Healing?


What Happens in a Healing Session?


How Will I Feel during a Session?


How long does a Healing Session last?



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Crystal Therapy Service



What Happens in a Healing Session?


Crystal healing is a very individual form of therapy and is tailored to the needs of each client.

On the first visit a case history will be taken, where any illness, medications, previous hospitalisations and emotional upsets will be discussed and recorded.


After this initial assessment a typical healing could take the following form:-

  • You will be asked to remove  your shoes and wear loose comfortable clothing

  • Crystals work through clothing, so you will remain fully clothed throughout

  • You may be asked to remove any Jewellery

  • You will  be invited to lie on a therapy couch or sit as appropriate and be encouraged to relax to gentle background music

  • Your aura may be scanned by the practitioner’s hands, held a few inches away from your skin.  This is to assess what healing work is a priority.

  • Stones will be placed on or around you, using specific crystals to balance energy centres

  • A number of different crystal combinations and placements may be used in each session

  • Your dignity will be protected throughout

  • You are free to speak and ask questions throughout the session or just relax and enjoy!

  • You will be encouraged to express any feelings of discomfort or unease, should they arise

  • It is not uncommon for recipients to become emotional during sessions. As emotional blocks are cleared, feelings surface to be released by the body as a form of cleansing.

  • The final part of the healing session will involve a brief discussion of your experiences and what has been addressed in the session.  No medical diagnoses will be given.

  • The practitioner may suggest a stone to carry or a gem essence to use in between sessions if appropriate

  • You will be encouraged to drink plenty of water and avoid strenuous activity immediately after your session