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What do I Offer?
What is Crystal Healing?


Three F.A.Q.'s


Who can Access Crystal Healing?


What Happens in a Healing Session?


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Crystal Therapy Service



Is Crystal Healing just a New Age Therapy?


No!  Crystal healing is one of the oldest forms of healing known to man.  Historical  evidence suggests that humans have been using crystals and minerals from before 40,000 BCE for protection, healing and in ritual use.

In the modern era, almost every electronic device we use employs quartz crystal, from the simplest wrist watch, cars, computers, to the most sophisticated space technology.  The energy transduction properties of the crystal work in a similar manner when used in crystal healing treatments.


Can Crystals be combined with other Therapies?


Yes.  Crystal work combines well with other therapies and practices, such as Reiki, Yoga, Meditation , Reflexology, massage and talking therapies, or it can be used as an independent stand alone therapy.


Do I have to Believe in it for it to Work?


No.  Crystals will work whether or not you think or believe they will.

Just having crystals in your presence can help you to maintain mental clarity, emotional stability and physical balance. The crystals will constantly be emitting energetic vibrations which will neutralise negativity and raise your energy to a level of greater balance and harmony.