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What do I Offer?
What is Crystal Healing?


Three F.A.Q.'s


Who can Access Crystal Healing?


What Happens in a Healing Session?


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Crystal Therapy Service



What do I Offer?


I offer therapeutic crystal healing sessions to members of the general public, working in line with the British Complementary Medical Association Codes of Ethics and Conduct CMA -


What is Crystal Healing?


Crystal healing is a holistic complementary therapy.  It aims to bring the body into balance on all levels of existence – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is non-intrusive and non-invasive.


Healing with crystals can involve wearing, carrying or lying down with a crystal or placement of crystals. Other methods, with appropriate stones, can involve the use of gem essences and waters.  These are simply a liquid version of the gem’s unique energy pattern, which can be ingested or rubbed onto the skin.


How does it work?


In essence, crystals help the body to gently neutralise, balance and align the physical, mental and emotional aspects of ourselves, leading to a healthier state of being.


Crystals are the simplest but most organised and stable forms of matter in the Universe.  When a part of us is out of balance, we experience symptoms of pain or dis-ease. A particular crystal or a combination of crystals can be employed to bring us back into a state of internal balance.


This can be likened to using a tuning fork to guide a musical instrument to retune back to its correct pitch.  There are hundreds of different types of crystals and minerals, each with their own unique structure and properties.  By matching the correct combination of crystals to the individual’s imbalances, the body will start to resonate ‘in tune’ with the crystals.


Please note:  Crystal healing is not intended as a replacement for sound medical diagnosis, advice and treatment.  Medical treatment must be sought for conditions of an acute or serious nature.