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How Many Sessions Will I Need?



This is different for each individual and issue.  Every person has a different pace of working and this is respected in therapeutic relationships.  Some people attend for one or two sessions and feel that this is enough for them to find their solutions.  Other clients with deeper issues often require a few weeks or months of therapy to resolve their issues.  This will be discussed with you at the initial consultation.  However, you can guarantee that:

  • You will never be persuaded to attend for more sessions than you need (See BACP Ethical Framework :
  • Regular assessments will be made to make sure that you are happy with your progress
  • Time limited counselling methods can be employed, if working to a tight schedule (this often necessitates a more directive approach)
  • You are free to terminate your sessions at any time
  • You will be able to continue with sessions for as long as YOU feel it is helpful
  • You will KNOW in yourself when the counselling has served its purpose!




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Please contact me on either of these two numbers. 01257 251124 or 07505 844 243