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What is Counselling?

Although there are many different types, counselling is essentially a talking therapy.  It centres upon creating a professional relationship built upon trust and respect, between counsellor and client. 
This confidential ‘therapeutic space’ provides a safe and secure environment for an individual to bring issues or problems, to explore their feelings surrounding these experiences, and to formulate their own solutions or answers.  
The process aims to empower clients to move forward by finding and deploying their own innate resources. 


How Does It Work?

Maybe you are struggling with problems or experiences with which you are reluctant to share with others?
These may relate to past experiences, situations in the present or fears for the future.

Having a confidential setting with a counsellor who will actively listen, without bias or judgement will enable you to accept and understand yourself better, helping you to view your situation from a different perspective. 
By gaining a deeper understanding and having a safe space in which to work through related feelings and emotions you can then work towards finding your own solutions.